I Know Him!

I had my blinker on.  I was moving forward and trying not to crowd… no luck.  No one was letting me in the slow moving traffic.  People looked… people noticed… but they wanted to be first and besides what would they gain by letting me in. If only I could see someone I knew, they would let me in.  Then I thought of the day when I will stand at the gates of heaven.  I will have tried to do what God ask of me.  I will have moved in the right direction but what do I have to offer God?  How will he benefit by letting me in?  Then I will see the one I  know.  I will see my loving Savior, Jesus.  He will open the gates, spread his arms and say “doesn’t matter what you have to offer.  I love you… you love me… so come to me and I will give you rest”

Matthew 11:28

I Love You!


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