A Morning Prayer!

Father today, use me, until you can’t use me any longer.  All I have to give, is my life in service to you.  I lift up my hands and I praise you… again and again.  I feel so weak, and so inadequate to be your child.  I struggle daily to understand the path… the reason… the world. I want nothing more than to reflect your love and kindness to those around me.  Give me the wisdom, the knowledge, and the tenacity, to stand for your love, regardless of what the world thinks.  Give me the strength to be a rock in this crazy storm called life.  A rock that is secure in your never ending love, when so much hatred abounds.  Give me strength to share your message of love for all, when so many seem to not understand.  Allow me to have the courage to stand against hatred, prejudice, and all kinds of tyranny against your children.  Open my eyes to the injustice that so many of your children show to each other.  Place in me the strength and faith of Peter, to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. I fall at your feet, and I offer my knowledge and my resources, when I know in my heart all you really desire is my love.  Allow my love for you to grow to new heights, and new depths.  I ask that you allow that love to grow to the point, that loving others is as natural as the breath I take.  Most of all allow your light to shine from my life.

I Love You!


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