It’s About Relationships!

Do you live a life of control based on fear, or a life of freedom based on love?  Because we see ourselves as sinful, we have developed a need for control, based on the fear of, lack of redemption.  We are fearful, that unless we are good enough, Jesus sacrifice will not be enough to cover our salvation. We look for security based on our ability to follow rules.  I visited with her for a long time and she is not sure if heaven is in her future.  “I’m working toward it”.  What?  My comment was “you are very arrogant”.  She seemed offended.  “To think you can be good enough, to earn your way to his arms, is arrogant”.  The only way to his embrace… is deep love for him… deep love for others.  Short of love, it can’t be done.  We live in a world that is control based.  Rules.  They are everywhere and a part of everything we do.  So when we find out that Christ love is free. It has nothing to do with rules… it’s simply thru love.. it blows our mind.  Our bible.  The one we read daily.  Is not a constitution.  It is not a set of rules, to be followed, or we go to jail.  It is all about love.  It is God… as Christ… teaching us how to form more perfect relationships.  Relationships with him and relationships with each other. THAT is how we feel his embrace.  THAT is how we hear him say “Job Well Done”!

Romans 13:8

I Love you!


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