Christ Ambassadors!

I was standing in the omelet line patiently waiting my turn.  As always, I spend that time looking to people to teach… to inspire.  I couldn’t help but notice her behavior.  She was demanding of the young man who was cooking.  Insisting he do it her way. Telling him what he was doing wrong, and instructing him how to do his job. As she turned around I noticed a cross, hanging from her neck. As I stepped up for my turn, I simply asked, “how is your morning going”.  That opened up a whole conversation, between John and I.  As he finished up my omelet I told him how good he was at his job. A huge smile come over his face.  When we go into Gods’ world, we are representing him, and his son.  When we wear identifying symbols of our Savior we are saying to the world… this is who we follow… this is the one we pattern ourselves after.  Not a day goes by, that I don’t have the HJD logo on my person, for all to see.  I don’t have the luxury of having a bad day.  Each person I encounter, should see love and kindness moving from my spirit.  Each person, our path crosses, is carrying their own burden.  Family issues… sickness… the loss of a loved one.  They should find in each of us, the heart of our Savior.  The kindness of his eyes.   The caring in his voice.  We should be the reason they smile. Then maybe they might say “tell me… who is this Jesus?” Acts 17:24-28

I Love You!


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