Jesus Is Weeping!

Jesus wept!  

It’s hard to think of Jesus crying.  

We cry…  We cry over loved ones lost.  We cry because our lack of faith brings doubt about if we all see them again.   But Jesus wept!  Jesus knew the outcome.  Jesus knew the power he had.  Jesus knew he would bring his friend Lazarus back to life.  So weeping?  Why?   Disappointment!  Frustration!  After all the miracles his friends had seen him do.  After all the times they witnessed his power, they still had doubt.  They still did not believe he could bring his friend out of the tomb.  I truly believe his friends… the people he loved the most… and their lack of faith brought deep sadness to our Savior.  That gives me pause!  How many times do I bring tears to my Saviors eyes when I doubt his power.  How many times do I cause him to cry because my faith is weak.  As I try to deal with life, instead of trusting him to care for me, does it cause a tear to stream down his cheek?  Do you struggle daily with your faith?  Do you fear or worry instead of trusting his love… his power?  You… I… and those around us bring sadness to our Savior as we struggle with our faith.  Jesus Wept!  Might be better to say Jesus is weeping.  I am going to pray for strength to stop those tears.  I hope you will join me. 

John 11

I Love You!


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