He had waited so long.  For lack of hope, he knew not what to do, but try the water.  If he could only be the first to touch the moving water maybe he would be healed.  A lifetime of not being able to use his legs was almost more than he could bear.  Then came Jesus.  With a few simple words he healed the man and told him to take his bedroll and walk.  Twelve years she had been bleeding.  Twelve long years with no help from doctors.  One simple touch of his robe and the bleeding stopped.  As he turned she made herself known.  Jesus knew, Jesus felt, and Jesus blessed.  My heart tries hard to imagine how these people and others felt.  To be healed by the Son of God.  To be healed by the Savior and to look into his loving eyes.  To know that he cared enough for each of them, to use the spirit of his father to heal… to save… to bless.  Daily I can feel him in my heart.  Daily I know that he resides in my soul and his spirit is one with mine.  Still I long to sit and visit with these people. To hear the incredible stories of his healing and to know first hand how they felt.  One day I will get to look into his eyes and feel that amazing touch.  Then and only then will my soul soar.. as it did for these. 

Romans 15:4

I Love You!


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