The Heart Of Jesus!

Do you ever feel burdened by something you know burdens Christ? Does your heart hurt for things you know hurt Jesus’ heart? 

We had stopped in an ice cream store to celebrate a blessing God had given.  He came in the front door.  A young man… attractive… but with ragged clothes, and a look that comes from the streets.  I watched as he wondered around the store, talking to himself.  As always God put on my heart to visit with him.  Didn’t take long to realize his mind was lost… as he was.  I bought him a couple of sodas and some popcorn.  I then told Joel about Christ and asked if I could pray with him.  Even now the tears come as I think of the lost future, the lost potential, the lost life.  Do you find yourself weeping over the misplaced soul?  Do you find yourself troubled at the one who has lost his way?  Does sadness overcome you as you witness those that look for guidance in a bottle or pill.  As the Holy Spirit becomes more a part of who you are then it is only natural you will feel the same burdens Christ feels. As children of the living God we should have heavy hearts for the things our Lord has a heavy heart for.  It is through those burdens we will see the heart of Jesus!

Philippians 2:4 

I Love You!


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