Life Given By God!

How can we presume to make someone or something soiled that God has created.  Peter was told by Jesus to eat of what he considered to be unclean. “How can you worry about what you consider unclean when God has already made it clean and purified it”.  Don’t we do that with people?  Through judgment we label some people as unclean and ourselves or others as clean.  All my life I have watched people judge based on first appearances and impressions.  Never bothering to know someone or look to the motives that drive that person.  I heard so much hatred surrounding Sam Smith, the singer, and his song “Unholy”.  People judging based on perception without even knowing the lyrics or meaning behind the song. He wanted a song to convey the way he felt about his fathers behavior growing up.  His unfaithful father, had a mistress, and to his mind it meant his father was controlled by satan. That is the purpose and meaning of the lyrics. To shine light on infidelity and the darkness it brings. The point that Jesus made to Peter was this.  It’s not that religion is holy and the secular is profane.  It’s that both religion and the secular can be holy and both can be desecrated.  Ultimately religion and the secular are not two things… but one. Life given by God.  Not just Christian music but all music is created by God.  Not just Christian art but all art is created by God.  Not just certain people but all people are created and loved by God.  Acts Chap.10

I Love you!


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