The Mission!

When she asked me about Happy Jesus Day tears filled my eyes and a lump formed in my throat.  As she placed her hand on my arm she said “I didn’t mean to upset you”.  I explained the burden that weighs on me. The burden that comes with this mission.  A mission that others have felt, which weighed heavy on them as well. To teach LOVE.  Pure… unfiltered…compassionate… love.  Not just to those around us, but to the world.  To teach the true meaning of the heart of Jesus.  A heart that loved everyone without judgement.  A heart that saw more potential in a prostitute, than in a religious leader. A spirit that looked past the behavior and saw the heart.  I think of all the hatred I see daily.  Hatred for the gay community.  Hatred for differing political parties.  Hatred for those that may be of a different race.  Hatred for anyone that believes different than we do.  We live in a world were everyone is more concerned with themselves, than with others.  A world were we have bombs pointed at the next guy, with bombs.  A world were everyone carries a gun, with the thought of having to kill another soul.  The message of our Savior is more about love than about being right.  To learn of the heart of Christ, means to learn to put our hatred and weapons down and become as one.  One with each other.  One with the world around us. One with the spirit of God.  You may say I’m a dreamer.  So be it!  I will be happy to carry that burden!

Matthew 5-7

I Love You!


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