A Work In Progress!

Sometimes it feels like God directs me to places to reveal his message.  He puts people in front of me to lead me to his heart.  We had gone to our normal Friday breakfast spot but alias they were to busy.  We ended up at Starbucks in downtown Fort Worth.  I noticed them outside.  Four guys with iPads around their necks facing outward.  God put on my heart.  “If I had made you with a screen on your chest, revealing your heart what would everyone see.”  YIKES! They would see a heart that loves Jesus with every square inch but still judges those around me.  A heart that truly loves everyone but criticizes those who don’t think like I do. A heart that weeps for the marginalized but spends to much money for a simple meal. We all do it.  I know I do.  We have a facade we wear.  A vision we want the world to see that is different from our thoughts and inner heart.  Thoughts that we would never want revealed on a screen attached to our chest.  Our amazing God… loves the broken inside. He doesn’t see the facade.  He looks past it and loves the person we truly are. Regardless of how broken we might be… he loves. It ended up those guys worked for “Doctors Without Borders” and they used the iPads to show everyone what they do. They go to places that we consider unsafe, to offer medical aid. They truly have the heart of Christ!  I however am a work in progress!!

1 Timothy 1:5

I Love You!


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