Life Giving Dance!

My wife, Lorna and I, love to dance.  We have danced a lot over the past 37 years.  We have danced for so long, we now move together as one. Thought is not on the dance, but simply on each other.   So it should be, in our relationship with the Father, Son, and Spirit.   As we spend time in contemplation… as we spend time in prayer… and time in stillness with God… we will get to a point of unending flow.  We will come to understand, the energy and love of our father, and become one with him.  God intended for his children to participate in the dance that takes place between the Trinity.  We were intended to move in a rhythmic flow between God and all creation. We will come to see Christ in everyone and everything.  As that happens, the rules fall away one by one.  The striving to please God, and the striving to earn his favor, become as natural as breathing.  We no longer see the need to prove anything, to anyone, we simply dance in a life giving flow.  A flow of love with the Trinity, that is mirrored in our human love here and now.  I love the flow that my wife and I have.  I truly believe it is of the Father.   Galatians 2:19-21 (msg)

I Love You!


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