He Is A Liar!

He is a liar!  

He delights in chaos!  He cheers as we dislike others.  As we see differences in ourselves, he dances.  He finds pleasure, as he watches us look at others with hatred, instead of seeing our Savior in them.  He lives to divide… to cause fear… and to make us turn from one another over differences.  He hates our hope, he hates our love, he hates our compassion and most of all, he hates the one we get that from.  Satan has spent a lifetime driving humans to what we have become.  He will continue to push… to influence… to lie, too so many people as they fight… as they fear… as they look everywhere else, but up.  Want to defeat the evil one?  Take to your knees in prayer.  Love others regardless of nationality… race… religion… or lifestyle.  Whether they are good or bad.  Look to Jesus for all the answers and not to the world.  Focus on our Fathers words… our Fathers wisdom… and lean not on your own.  Those simple things will cause satan to run and hide.  He is not welcome here.  Drive him out of hearts with unending love for all, and worship to our Savior.   Ephesians, Chapter 6

I Love You!


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