Living In The Flow!

At an early age I could hear the music. I could see it everywhere.  I could feel it in my soul and hear it in my head.  As a gift from God I learned to play the guitar without lesson. Music is not about notes on a page or theory in books.  You have to feel the music in your very soul and display it in your heart.  Since the age of thirteen I have used the musical talent he gave me to his glory.  As time has passed and I have walked in communion with our God… I have come to learn the same of him.  God… and his Son… and his Spirit… is not something that is simply words on a page.  He is not found in the church you attend or the ministry you are a part of.  You have to feel him in your heart.  You have to experience him in the deepest part of your soul.  He has to become, not just knowledge to you, but you have to become as one with him, to experience his flow.  I have heard it said that you know you’re a writer… if all you can think about it writing.  You know you’re a musician… if all you can think about is music.  When you get to a point when all you can think of is Jesus.  When he is a part, of every minute, in every day, then you will know you are his child. 

Only then will you experience his peace!

1 Corinthians 3:16

I Love You!


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