He Is Still Here!

Two days have past.  The presents are gone.  Hugs were given and I love you’s exchanged… but those are just a memory.  For one fleeting moment we forgot about the sickness.  We forgot about the worries.  We put the hatred, the financial woes, the stress and the troubles of this world on hold.  All was forgotten, but for a brief moment, to celebrate the birth of a King.  But in that moment.  In that brief second.  Lives changed and the world changed because of a baby.  JESUS!  He is still here.  Doesn’t matter what those worries were.  He is still here!  Doesn’t matter what the sickness is.  He is still here! The financial woes and stress are not important.  He is still here.  Emmanuel – God is with us.  Christmas is not about family… friends… gifts… food… or trees. Those are good but temporary.   Christmas and the glory of it is about a King that came to save us from ourselves. A King that came to give us more love than we could ever comprehend. A King that climbs into our lives to carry our burdens.  He is still here… He still cares… He still saves…  That makes everyday Christmas!

I Love You!


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