To Be A Child!

She was like a picture out of a magazine.  A little girl all dressed up… sitting with mom and dad enjoying dinner.  As we admired her from afar and then as we were leaving she displayed an unbridled love to us.  Her smile was contagious and the eagerness with which she shown love was heartwarming to say the least.  Then it hit me!!  When Jesus said we should be as children this is what he was meaning.  Children, unless taught otherwise, have an infinite abundance of love and hope. They do not worry about who you are or what you look like, they see love… they see hope.  Children will display the love of our Savior without hesitation, until which time they observe in us, the opposite.  As they absorb all levels of the world around them they learn to be intimidated and scared of others… by watching us.  They lose that level of Gods love that they remember from having been in his presence.  When our Savior said “be as children”  he was telling us to love unconditionally.  To hope without end. To see everyone as a product of God. Made in his image and holding his DNA in their souls.  And mostly, he was telling us not to forget the love that was given to us, by him, when we were created. 

Matthew 18:1-3 

I Love You!


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