Love Never Rest!

Our ability to love is never at rest, and so therefore can never be complete. We were in Denver for a long weekend. Sixteenth street, with its’ homeless, moves my heart in the way of Christ.  He simply had several five gallon buckets and a discarded skillet or two. With two drumsticks, the sound coming from his make shift drum set was incredible.  His sense of rhythm was impeccable.  So much talent, but all he knows is the street. Having played music all my life the beat caught my attention, and drew my soul to the place he was.  Lorna and I listened for quite sometime and applauded after each number. Others would stop briefly, but his talent warranted spending time watching and listening.  After enjoying for a while I handed him a blessing and asked if we could give him a hug.  He kindly accepted the hug and as for the money you could tell it made his night… maybe his month. More than that, we took time to acknowledge his talent and give him a feeling of self worth.  A feeling that he mattered and that God loves him.  It is important to all of us, to be seen and to be heard.  Love can be shown in so many ways.  However, nothing compares to being given honor and being noticed as having worth. Christ did that throughout his ministry, sometimes with just a look. He does that still. As his love fills your spirit, it produces in each of us a since of belonging.  This young man said “I will never forget you”.  Doesn’t Christ say the same thing?  Romans 8:31      

I Love You!


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