Imagination.  It has always fascinated me.  I spend my days inside my imagination. In everything I do, I imagine it in my mind.  I picture it in my inner being. When building something, or creating things, my imagination has always served me.  I use my imagination as I deal with others.  I imagine Christ in them. Regardless of the lifestyle they lead, my heart and my imagination sees the image of God. I use my creativity when looking to my understanding of God.  My understanding of Christ.  It is only thru our imagination, that we can start to see his heart, and understand the depth of his love. It can not fully be understood from scripture.  It is deeper, and wider, than we are able to comprehend.  It is only through our imagination that we can start to catch a glimpse of it.  Many times we have a weak imagination, when it comes to God. We want clear answers. We want non refutable rules.  We want step by step instructions, as if we were building a piece of furniture from Ikea. It’s not that simple… Gods love goes so much deeper.  The God of my imagination does not turn his back on those who think different than us.  Those who maybe have a different idea of right and wrong then we do. Those who chose a different lifestyle than ours. To imagine the true depth of God, is to see a Savior who loves everyone, regardless of where, who, or how they live.  The God of my imagination loves me with all my sin. And you with all of yours.  AMAZING!

I Love You!


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