Love Matters More!

How does a man find his own heart?  We look in the mirror and we see our reflection looking back.  We see pictures of the shell that God granted us. That shell, we spend so much time on, simply doesn’t matter.  Our mission… our goal… is to find our heart.  When God, with Christ, said in Genesis: “We will make them in our image” he was talking of the spirit of God and Jesus that resides in them both.  The same spirit that resides in us. We look to beautiful people.  Some with talent, as well as some with amazing beauty.  This to shall fade… but the beauty that is a life of love, and a heart of joy, will live forever.  My grandson asked “why does God give so much talent and looks to someone such as Justin Timberlake, but not to everyone.”  My response was: “I see a heart of pure gold in your soul. Just as God does. So Justin Timberlake has nothing on you.” As our lives progress it is up to us to find our heart.  To find that purpose that drives us to love others. The purpose that God designed us for, and the reason why he breathed life into our soul.  The purpose is not about earthly gain or ambitions.  If it doesn’t involve love, it is of no use.  I heard it said: “if all you think of is writing, then you’re a writer.  If all you think about is dancing, then you’re a dancer.”  I say “if all you think of is how can I love others, then you have the heart of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 13:13

I Love You!


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