A Glimpse Of Heaven!

I could stay wrapped in your arms forever!  Do you ever feel so close to our Savior that it feels like he is wrapping you in love? You feel as though you have become one with him. His heart is yours and you are known by him from the deepest part of your soul  There are days, after intense prayer,  I feel so close to him that everything else seems to fade away. Most earthly care loses its importance. I can feel his presence…  I can feel his warmth…  I can feel his love.  During these times, as troubles dim and are replaced with his amazing love, I wonder why would I ever want to leave. Father, let me hide in your embrace as close as a mortal heart can be.  Even if it is just on the fringes of your perfect love in this fallen world.  As I pray… as Christ and I become one in the spirit… I know in my heart the trials of this earth will try to take me from him.  The problems of daily life will pull me in different directions.  At times I fall and his embrace slips from me.  Then I pray with fervor and his embrace comes back as if time stood still.  His light surrounds me as the world rushes by.  As I become closer… as I feel his love…  as I realize that no matter what this world does, his love is always there.  I start to catch a glimpse of what heaven will be.

Matthew 6:6 (MSG)  

I Love You!


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