He Has Risen!

She saw him but wasn’t quite sure who he was?  He seems familiar but I can’t quite place who he is.  He must have taken my Lord and I need to know where  they have put his body so I can care for him.  Mary had loved our Savior deeply because he was the only one that loved her.  She couldn’t bring herself to leave even though she knew he was dead.  But here it was, an empty tomb!!  A missing body!!  Then just like the blind people he had healed, Mary saw Jesus.  She saw her Lord.  Her Savior.  Our Savior 


Do you ever wonder if he was standing next to you would you recognize him?  Not by his appearance, but by his love…  by his heart… by the connection you have thru the holy spirit… His spirit.  With each passing day I love him more but I want to be closer.  I try so hard to imagine how Mary must have felt.  Did she fall to her knees?  Did she hug him like never before?

I try to imagine… then it hit me like a blind person he has healed.  One day I will see him.  One day I will hug him.  One day I will drop to my knees as I behold his glory.  Because he has risen… I will too.     


Happy Easter!


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