Only The Beginning!

This season I have pondered… what it felt like for Mary?  What were her thoughts as she watched God’s only son grow, knowing he was the Savior of all mankind?  How did he act when in the synagogue?  Did you see him with a far away look, as if he could hear someone you couldn’t?  Did he ever play with dirt while peering at his own skin… with a look of knowing?  When he saw other kids giggle during worship, how did he respond?  Did he shutter when he saw a lamb brought to slaughter?  Did he have a smile as you taught him about the world he created?  When you had to scold him did you tremble knowing you were correcting God?  As you held his hand did you weep… knowing you were holding the hand of the creator?  Did his hand bring images to your mind, of what it would go through?  Did you kneel at his bed and pray… knowing you were praying to him?  An ordinary girl chosen by God for a holy task.  An ordinary girl willing to do whatever was needed because of her love.  This time of year we marvel at the birth of our king and Savior.  Just as marvelous was the job his mother did of raising him.  Lest we forget that his birth was only the beginning.  

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I Love You!


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