Reconciling Sin!

The love our God has for us is so immense that words can not explain. He created us in his image and shared with each of us a portion of his spirit.  He wanted nothing more than for us to love him back.  For us to be devoted to him.  Pure love is free choice. He soon saw that our love would falter.  Our love would fail. Because of his intense compassion for the people he created he had to find a way to reconcile our sin with his love.  Enter Mary!!  A simple girl… young… normal… and well thought of by some. Because of her dedication she found favor with God .  Still a normal everyday girl with sin just like yours.  Just like mine.  God knew by placing his son in a normal girl he would create a way to take our sin… her sin… and cancel it once and for all.  Gods son, our Savior, sinless and perfect, had to be made one with a normal sinful soul in order for sin to be defeated.  He had to be born of a sinful human… in a humble nature… in order for the pain of the cross to cancel all sin once and for all.  There was no announcement.  No parade. No headlines.  The birth was not even noticed by many.  However it changed all our lives forever.   Our God… our Savior… did that for us.  They did that for you. They did that for me.  What an amazing God!   Mark 2:17

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

I Love You!


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