A Yearning!

It has always been there.  A yearning. A desire to learn and a desire to go further.  As a teenager when others were listening to rock music, I was listening to motivational speakers.  I wanted to know more and understand everything.  More than anything I have always had a longing for a understanding of Christ heart.  A quest to know Christ on a more intimate level.  To not just look and study the scripture, but a deep yearning that keeps me up at night… wondering.  Searching for answers to a deeper knowledge of his spirit.  A yearning that says there is more to our God than what I have always been taught by the evangelical movement that permeates our lives.  Since I can remember, pastors have said you should memorize verses, like that will lead me to his heart.  Most of the things that we learn, we learn in passing, on our way to something else. Then, every so often, something gives us reason to pause. Something catches our eye or grabs our attention, and we’re drawn for a moment to reflect on that which awakened us. That is where I long to be with Jesus.  So close… so intimate… that i can feel his heart beat with mine. That I can hear him talk to me, not thru scripture, as much as through the intimacy of our hearts. That can only come thru time together in contemplation and conversation.  Before you know it he is on your mind every minute.  Then his heart will be right in front of you.  John 5:39

I Love You!

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