The True Shibboleth!

Faith is the true shibboleth to determine the people of God.   

Shibboleth was a Hebrew term used as a password to determine if you were an Ephraimites in the book of Judges.  I see so little faith during this season of our lives.  I worry about those that claim to be people of God whose faith is so weak that fear has overcome them.  A kind of fear that is blinding… paralyzing. 

The storm was worse than the apostles had ever seen.  The boat was being tossed violently and they feared for their lives.  One of them remembered that Jesus was asleep in the bow and so they woke him.   “Where is your faith” his words after he calmed the wind with his breath… the waves with his touch.  My heart has been burdened, wondering how many of his people will he say that too, when we get past this time in history.  Faith is paramount in our service to God.  Faith is the cornerstone of showing the rest of the world the joy and confidence that comes from Christ.  When others see you, do they see the shibboleth that points to Jesus, or do they see the fear that comes from the world?

Matthew 17:20

I Love You!


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