There Is A Battle!

He battled. Daily Jesus battled.  He spent his time in a never ending battle with evil.  With demons. With Satan.  He stood strong and fought well, but in the end… he was crucified.  He was tortured… beaten… scarred… and taken to Hell.  Then in a moment, he woke, he rose, and he walked again.  They still came.  The demons still pursued, they still hated, but could not touch.  They pursued, but could not harm.  They chased, but could not catch.  They tried again to beat, to torture, but could not penetrate the shield that now surrounded him.  An armor of love from his father.  A shield of love that lived in his very skin.  There could have been no other way.  The kingdom of God is not about might and show of force.  It is in the quiet submission that true power is found.  Christ message is about surrender in order to inherit power.  Our Saviors’ message is about turning the other cheek.  It’s about the power that comes from a life of service.  The kind of power that can change a world, from the inside out.  That can change you from the inside out. Daily we battle as well.  Daily we take up our cross.  Daily we need to offer quiet submission.  Then Christs’ love will live in your very skin.  That is an armor that the demons of hell can not penetrate.  He rose!  So will you!  

1 Peter Chap. 4 (MSG)

Happy Easter!

Love, Perry

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