His Dream For Us!

We never know when it will happen.  We try to orchestrate it, but it must come naturally. It happens to me more, as I live deeper in the spirit.  I have a better understanding what it is… when it comes into being.  When unmatched beauty brings tears.  When being in the presence of God created talent… causes emotion.  When thinking of precious memories brings a sense of peacefulness.  During those times we are experiencing a glimpse, of the kingdom of God.  We are catching a moment in his dream for us. Into the future he has for us.  A future when all things will be, as they were meant to be.  We had gone with friends to Branson, Missouri.  While there we went to an amusement park.  As we entered the show I thought nothing of it.  I was expecting another carnival type show, with comedy and some music.  As the show started I was pleasantly surprised.  A group of young people, all brothers and sisters, sang and played instruments to such perfection, that my heart leaped with joy.  I felt the presence of God so strongly that tears flooded my face. At that moment… I wanted to be in the presence of God more than ever.  Only after we walked away did I realize, I was in his presence…  We live our lives sometimes never truly realizing those times when they happen. We dismiss them as worldly.  But God made such beauty, out of love.  When it happens… rest in his spirit.  Rejoice in his love.  Then step back, and wait for his next gift. John 1:16 

I Love You!


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