The Thought Of You!

The thought of you.  So many times I have told my amazing wife “I am not only in love with you, but I have been in love, with the thought of you, all my life”.  God is a thought. A thought we all start out being in love with.  That thought comes from a place of faith for something beyond our comprehension. Then doubt and disappointment sets in and the thought fades.  Same with our faith in people.  Etty Hillesum a jew who wrote in her diary during the Nazi invasion: “God is what is deepest and best in me. And what is deepest and best in me is my belonging.  My at one-ness with all other human beings”.  Etty had no Christian background.  But the thought of Christ turned into a love and faith she used until her death at the hands of Hitler.  God placed in Etty an undying love for those around her. He placed in her the ability to love without judgement but with compassion. Even for Hitler himself.  Only a deep love and thought of Jesus could have produced that type of dedication in a young Jewish woman. We live in a country that struggles with loving others.  Could it be because the thought of Jesus has left our understanding?  The thought of him is weak and so understanding his heart is foreign to us?  We struggle with a vision of him. With the vision of his time here and how he loved people. May your thoughts turn back to him and him alone.  Then maybe we can have love and compassion like Etty.  

I Love You! Perry

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