Baby Jesus!

I remember vividly what it felt like to hold my daughter… then my son… for the first time.  The amazing deep love, like I had never known before, overwhelmed.  As I admired their face… as I counted their fingers… their toes… as I kissed their face and experienced their wonderful smell for the first time.   I remember the emotion.   I remember the capture of my heart and the sense of responsibility I felt in that instant.  All these memories have rushed back in as I thought about what it must have felt like to hold baby Jesus for the first time.  To not only love him, as we all love our children, but to know that he was the son of God!  To feel the pure love that was given to only him!  To know that he came to save every soul… that ever was or ever will be! 

To know that he was as pure, as pure can be, and would stay that way!  To know that he would sacrifice himself, as the lamb of God,  to save his very mother…  his father…  to save you… to save me…  To reconcile the world to God, as all of our sin rested on his tiny shoulders. To simply be in his presence and know that he is God, he is the Savior and he is the Holy Spirit .   I weep as I think of what that must have been like for Mary… for Joseph…     

Happy Birthday Jesus!!! 

Merry Christmas!!


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