There is a word in Korean “HAN”.  There is no english translation, but it means a sadness so deep even tears won’t come.  But still there is hope.  I sit at my window and I watch so many on the street.  I see “Han” in their faces… their eyes.  They do not truly understand the word “freedom”.  What it means to have freedom in Christ.  I’m not sure if any of us do.  Freedom means hope.  Freedom means choice.  So many I see don’t have hope because their freedom is at jeopardy.  Their choice is at risk.  When we start with a theology of sin management, administered by a too often elite religion, we end up with schizophrenic faith.  We end up with a Jesus that was loving and forgiving on earth, but punishes in the next world?  He is merciful here… but not later?  God in this picture seems whimsical…untrustworthy… even to the casual observer.  It may seem like a new way of thinking, but we must, if we expect people to come to Christ.  I believe this is the key reason why so many react so badly to Christianity.  Instead they simply refuse to take it seriously.  Religion teaches sin based life, with forgiveness, to attract more people to the churches. When in fact it drives them away.  Freedom in Christ means you don’t have to live in “HAN” because your future and happiness is imbedded in him.  You have the power to be who you want to be living in his presence.  When you love, you fulfill all he has ever asked for. 

I Love You! – Perry

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