Salvation For All!

Our world… our view of heaven and God, seem to be driven by our human egos.  I struggle with liking to play games.  My family and friends love to spend time together playing cards, dominos, and such. Nearly everyone I know likes to watch sports and cheer for their favorite team.  I struggle with it because I simply do not have a competitive nature. Whether playing games or watching sports I do not see why it matters who wins and who loses.  I truly believe we struggle with the concept of the salvation of everyone, because our human egos can’t buy into it.  In order to feel good about ourselves we want to believe that our behavior is better than that of others.  We want to believe that if we are following the “rules” as our interpretation of scriptures states, then we are winning and they are losing.  Whatever it means for the world to be saved, God does not do it thru the worldly means of power… being right about scripture… or going to church. He does not do it thru politics, weapons, or war but through the unconventional means of powerlessness.  Until we learn to let go of our egos… our better than you are attitude, we will never understand God and salvation.  God is saving the world in an unconventional way.  He is saving it through the crucifixion of a powerless, poor, spate upon, Galilean Jew… who preached the kingdom of God… of love… and acceptance.   Romans Chapter 9

I Love You! Perry

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