Uncertainty – I Think Not!

Uncertainty is not a word that should be part of our thoughts.  I keep hearing commercials… people talking… ads that claim this is an uncertain time.  That we must face the future with a new normal…  with new focus…  Uncertainty?  God is still on his throne.  Christ is still sitting to his right.  The holy spirit is still beside us watching… protecting…  Our Savior still hears our prayers.  He still loves us.  He still forgives… he still protects… he still wants what is best for us.  In my life, I have never known a time of certainty, outside of my God and his Son.  Each day you leave home with no certainty of your return.  You plan, you save, with no certainty of your future. You exercise, take vitamins, and eat right but health is on the edge of a cliff.   People look for stability in their spouse… in their children… in their finances… in their job.  That could vanish tomorrow like smoke in the wind.  God is still on his throne.  Christ is still sitting to his right and the holy spirit is within you.  Uncertainty, I think not.  Our Savior is still alive and listening!  Be still and know that he is God!

John 14:26

James 4:13-16

I Love You!


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