The Truth Of Our Being!

He never held back.  He never questioned why!  He never asked are you worthy?  What religion are you? Where do you come from?  He never wondered why they needed help…  why do they think they deserve it?  He never once refused to help someone in need.  Our Savior… our Jesus… healed those who asked.  Gave advice to those who pondered.  Gave help to those in need… and not one time do I see where he judged before or after.  He simply did his fathers work, to the best of his ability, and without hesitation.  Many times I am asked, “why do you help all those on the street”?  “You have no idea what they do with the money”.  Doesn’t matter!  Christ would.  Why do you give second chances to those with a criminal record? Doesn’t matter!  Christ would.  Why do you love without limit and without forethought?  Because Christ would.  There is a difference between the way of our being and the truth of our being.  The world teaches the way they think we should be.  Christ teaches the truth of the way we should be.  I think we all should be following the truth of our being.  The truth of our being is simply love.  Anything else is falling short of the spirit within us… that is Jesus.

Romans 12:9  /  Luke 6:35

I Love you!


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