Why A Stable?

He was a baby just like any other.  Born with pain. Born with blood.  Born naked and new to the world.  Ten fingers. Ten Toes.  Two feet. Two hands. Two eyes.  Feet that would walk mile after mile, to teach his fathers love.  Feet that would one day hold up the sin of world, on the cross.  Hands that would heal.  Hands that would calm a storm.  Hands that would raise others from the dead.  Eyes that see love, when others see hate.  He looked ordinary to most people, but to those that believed, he looked like heaven.  He cried like any baby does, but to those that believe, it was the sound of freedom. I have often wondered why God chose shepherds to reveal his son to?  Why he chose a lonely stable with its’ filth, its’ odor and its’ disgust.  Why that setting? Why those people?  Because God was proving to history that his son… his life… was meant for everyone.  Not just the religious. The shepherds were considered the lowest of all.  The stable the worse place of all.  It was Gods way of saying my love… my grace… is for the lowest, most despicable person you can think of.  My son will live a life of poverty, at the same time healing and loving as I do. All to prove, my love for each person, no matter who.     

Two thousand years ago our Savior came.  As an ordinary baby dressed in earthly skin, but with a heavenly purpose.  To teach… To save… To sacrifice for you… for me… for everyone…  

Happy Birthday Jesus!!


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