There is so much we don’t know…  we don’t understand. So much mystery surrounds our Savior… our God.  His word is not black and white, but so many shades of grey.  Why does that scare us?  Why does it make us uncomfortable? Why do we seek to have the answers to feel secure?  Do you feel driven to try and understand the people around you?  The people you work with, or the people different than you.  I watch the goldfish in my pond and I don’t think they worry that each one is a different color.  Each one is a different size. They simply exist with one another.    

Why?  Such an overused word, and maybe a word that shows lack of trust. As I sit in traffic I am being impatient and wondering why?  Then it hit me! Can’t change it so why stress… why get impatient. I simply need to trust, that God will get me to where I am going!  Why do some people get cancer and others don’t.  Why do some people have so many blessing while others don’t.  Why do some die of COVID and others don’t? Why do we live in a world of so much hate… so much evil?  We aren’t suppose to have all the answers, but God does!! We don’t have to fully understand any of it.  We simply have to trust!!  It’s called faith!!  Hebrews 11:1

I Love You!


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