Don’t Need Proof!

As we toured the museum, and the replica of Noahs’ Ark, a strange feeling came over me.  I was almost ashamed, at the amount of money the founder had spent, in an effort to prove his point and disprove another.  He had invested millions, with the purpose of trying to prove that the word of God…  mostly the old testament, was true.  The whole premise of the exhibit was to bring light to facts, as he knew them, in an attempt to disprove science.  As I examined the displays, my heart spoke to me.  God doesn’t want to be proven.  He wants our faith.  It’s easy to love something or someone that is seen… felt… and right in front of you.  It takes greater dedication and commitment to love someone or something based on shear faith.  If God wanted us to believe in him, based on proof, he could have easily left behind so many things to prove his existence and that of his son.  Then why did he not do that.  Why not leave us the chalice from the last supper?  Or the tablets of law inside the Ark?  Why not the cross its self?  Because we would worship those items instead of him.  He doesn’t want proof. He doesn’t want worship of that proof.  He wants desire… faith… and worship of him.  Only that will prove we truly love him.  Hebrews 11:1 – 3

I Love You!


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