My Hearts Prayer!

My eyes have not beheld what my heart so clearly sees.  Daily I reach for you… knowing that your hand will be there to guide me.  To welcome me.  I rest in the comfort that your light will shine… to lead… where my life must follow.  That your love will bring freedom to my soul, as it longs to soar to your waiting arms.  My life… given in service to you… and all your children… as I desire to mirror your love.  To be the hands… and feet… of your glory to all those I encounter.  I fall prostrate to the ground as I behold your grace… your majesty…  I try, with all my strength, to follow your truth… your life… your way.  I ask for wisdom, for guidance, to love all your children without forethought or motive.  To allow you to guide me in your ways and in your plan for me.  That my life may be nothing more than a tribute to you.  That the breath you have given me will not be in vain, but will be in service and dedication to you.  Come… Father come… and fill my soul with your presence.  That others may see the glory of you… through me. 

Colossians 3:15

I Love You!


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