Where Do You Live?

Do you live in the house of fear or the house of love?  Christ calls us to unbridled love for all those around us.  Love of not only the people that are easy but the people that are hard.   Do you have love in your heart for the terrorist you see on the news?  Do you have love for the person that persecutes you? Christ did!  Do you pray blessings on the very people that threaten your way of life?  Your Savior does!  Every Soul – Good or Bad – Rich or Poor – Black or White – is a soul made in Gods image and loved deeply by him.  Each one created with purpose.  If we live in a house of fear then we see differences and we foster hatred.  We allow satan to sit with us and cloud our judgement.  If we live in the house of love… with the Lord as our father… we will come to dwell in compassion for all mankind.  I struggle sometimes but our Savior has answered many of my prayers and brought me into the entryway of his house.  He puts me in the path of people and allows me to minister to them and show them compassion.  My prayer, for all of us, is that we strive to become the human family instead of the human race.  With Jesus as our father it can be done.  But it has to start with each of us.  

Luke 6:24 – 42

I Love you!


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