Why Me!

I watch through the tears as he struggles to talk.  As he struggles to walk.  As he struggles to sit still.  Twenty three, and a disease that is inherited, with no cure in sight.  My love for him runs deep… and my heart hurts… and my prayers are hard.  I then watch as this little girl lives in a place of darkness because brain tumors have taken her sight.  Her illnesses are many but her spirit is huge.  Her picture is something I see daily and her story is special to my heart.  And it hurts…   I pray to take their pain away.  I pray to make them whole.  I pray to bless them and give them favor. My thoughts then turn to “why me and not them?”  Each day he blesses me to overflowing.  He gives me strength.  He gives me health.  He gives me resources I don’t deserve.  So why does he shower me with blessings?  “to those that are given much… much will be expected”  If you have health… if you have wealth… if you have blessings untold do not for one minute think it is for you.  Every blessing in your life. Every talent you possess. Every resource at your disposal was given by God, to help others, to his glory.  These young people inspire me with their energy.  It is up to me to spread his love and resources, in return.  I would gladly trade all these blessings for their health.   

Luke 12:48

I Love You!


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