God Is Not Religious!

As he met God for the first time it took him by surprise.  God was not what he imagined and certainly not what he spent his life thinking.  As God hugged him he couldn’t help but proclaim.  “You’re not what I expected”  To which God replied “What were you looking for?”  He said “Someone more religious, someone older and with a long beard!”  The answer from God was very surprising.  “Religious?  I’m not religious!  I never wanted all this division.  Certainly not among my children.  Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist,  how could you ever know what to do and where to go? What matters is being my child.  Loving me with all your heart… your soul… your mind….   Oh and make sure you love everyone else just like you love me!  It’s that simple.  Don’t get caught up on rules… on ceremonies… on who’s right and who’s wrong.  It’s not about that.  You can’t earn your way to my arms by following rules.  You can’t come into my kingdom by belonging to a certain religion.  It’s much simpler than that.  Love me so much that nothing else in your life can come between us.  Then love others,  and I mean everyone,  that much as well.  Do that… teach that…  and the rest will follow.  I love you more than you know.  Now give me another hug my good and faithful servant!” 

1 John 4:20

I Love You!


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