Love Never Rest!

As my wife and I got our room assignment I was surprised when I saw the number.  Thirty six floors is a long way up!  As I stand at the window, looking over Denver, I see many highways full of cars. Each with people in them.  I look down and thousands of people are moving along sidewalks, riding the subway, and going here and there!  So often I wonder how the image of God can be in each… but it is. Do they feel the love that comes from that?  I think of each story that is their life.  I think of the love they have, or do not have in that story.  As I survey the crowds of people I am not thinking of who they are or what their lifestyle is.  I simply see Gods’ children.  I feel him saying to me “you are to love them all”.  Does he know how hard that is?  Does he know how much patience that takes? He does! As he loves each with no motive or reason why!  He loves each because they are his!  He loves each because he sees himself in them!  Our ability to love is never at rest and so therefore can never be complete. Each day when our feet hit the floor, is another day to love those around us.  We don’t need to agree with their lifestyle.  We don’t need to look at the way they differ from us.  We simply need to love without judgement, but with compassion. When we do… Christ will shine from our heart!  Romans 14  

I Love You!


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