So I need you to have an open heart and mind!  I need you to think outside of the box, for a moment.  Lorna and I recently had a chance to visit a famous nude beach.  Wanting to experience as many things in this life as we can, we decided to go.  I will tell you, it is not what you think.  There is no sexual tone, or even one of mistrust.  It is simply people being, as God made them.  As I observed the crowd of people, it came to me.  This is how God sees us.  When you strip away all the pretense.  When you take away the trappings of this world.  When there are no material items to judge on, then you are seeing what God sees.  WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!  On that beach was every race of people you could think of, and everyone had one thing in common.  No clothes.  Didn’t matter if you were rich or poor.  Fat or thin.  Asian, Spanish, Black or White, everyone was the same.  To me… everyone looked to be, a child of God!  Whether you think it is good or bad, is beside the point.  What I saw was a world, where we are more alike, than different.  A world where people can have respect for each other.  A world were judgement was not, and people felt at ease, with others.  Look at it this way.  If Adam and Eve had not messed up, we would all be sitting on a nude beach! 

1 Corinthians 13:12 MSG

I Love You!


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