Love For Everyone!

The comment I heard from the christians was “we don’t want our kids around those undesirable people”.  As I walked straight into the crowded street of Belize my friends were questioning “should we be here?”. “These are God’s people” I replied and I have on his armor.  We live in a world of judgement. A world of placing importance on our position at the table.  Those that live one lifestyle, look down on those that live another.  As I watch… tears fall and my heart is broken.  Christ didn’t see undesirable people.  He saw those he could save.  Christ didn’t ask “should we be here?” He saw those he could heal. Jesus was more comfortable with the prostitute, than the religious elite. He never belittled anyone, criticized anyone, or treated them with pompous attitude. When he encountered those with an elitist attitude, he rebuked them.  How can we ever teach people of Christ, when we only associate with those we feel comfortable with?  How can we teach a prostitute unless we get to know one?  The Jesus I know made it clear… the kingdom of God is radically inclusive.  According to the Jesus I know, we can no longer label people male/female… good/bad… rich/poor…slave/free…sinner or religious.  When we see everyone as God’s creation, worthy of his love, it will open our hearts and our minds. We will then welcome them to the table and tell them how amazing our Savior is.  Romans Chap. 3 (MSG)  

I Love You!


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