Chasing Your Giant!

God is God and I am not.   

He was so big!  Muscles the size of melons.  His armor… it glimmered in the sun.  His spear alone weighed more than I do.  I would be afraid if it not for the living God who stands beside me.   The living God will give me victory.  The living God who takes my fear away and replaces it with rock solid faith.  And so he did.  One small boy… one slingshot… one smooth stone… a dead giant!!  What is your fear today? Your giant? Your mountain to climb?  I see people daily that live in fear of so many things.  Fear of so many situations.  OH! to have the faith of David!   Why do I think I could ever do anything on my own?  I simply can not see the whole picture.  David saw the picture with faith.  David knew in his heart… in his soul… that he could do nothing without God.  By that faith he killed the giant.  By that same faith you can overcome your fear.  Your giant.  Pick up your stones and your slingshot, ask for Gods help and run toward your fear.  God will stand beside you and help… as you slay your giant. 

Romans 8:31

I Love You!


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