Being All In!

47 years.  47 years and I am still a mediocre guitar player.  I watch John Meyer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and I wonder why I’m not that good.  Then one day it hit me.  I have never been all in.  I have never dedicated all my time… my life… to being an amazing player.  As I take this time away from HJD, to spend time in contemplation and prayer, God is speaking to me more than ever.  I know from my time with him, I need to be all in when it comes to God… to Christ.  I need to spend each waking hour looking, talking, and listening to the message he wants all of us to hear.  By being all in, HJD can grow from 5,000 readers to 50,000. More people need to be exposed to his love, his grace, his heart.  I feel so strongly about this journey that I decided, at the age of sixty, to have the HJD logo tattooed on my leg.  Each day as I look at my tattoo it reminds me this is a life long journey.  It is a chance of a lifetime to share Christ love with people that need it.  The messages are headed in a new direction, with a love for other people that is overflowing, to the point of drowning.  As I start sharing this new direction on September 4th I ask that you help, by leading people to this journey. It will touch their life and bring a since of joy and compassion for everyone.  I can’t wait to move forward with you in September. 

I Love You!


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