Love! It’s All There Is!

His questions were warranted.  “How do I reconcile the violence in the world today and in the bible?  God wiped out whole nations of people even after he killed everyone except for Noah? I was taught he is a loving, merciful God, yet I read of his destruction and today I see his people being hateful to others.” My answer was simple.  I hear people say I believe this. I believe that.  We come up with our own interpretations of scripture, to mold what we want to believe. Giving explanation to why worldwide there are over 45,000 different christian religions with over 33,000 in America alone. It doesn’t matter who you believe or what set of rules they follow. Your pastor, your leaders, your teachers. It doesn’t even matter if everything we find in the Bible is accurate or correct.   What matters is who you trust… who you love…  YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF SCRIPTURE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU STUDY.   What matters is your level of trust in the one who died for you. Jesus! The deep love you have for him and the love you have people.  Base your faith… your trust… in him.  Allow him to dwell in your heart and your spirit. Only then, will you be free of the burdens placed on us by men. Christ came to love, not start another religion.  HE is the only way to happiness.

John 5:39-47 (MSG)   

I Love You!


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