As his children… born in his image… we have in our DNA the ability to love and respect everyone around us.  Regardless of our differing views, differing beliefs or differing lifestyles, respect and love should always go hand in hand. Certain situations deserve, in fact demand, ultimate respect.  As I stood in the Lincoln Memorial I was appalled at the lack of respect for the monument, and for the meaning it holds.  People laughing and yelling.  Others letting their kids run around uncontrolled.  Still others sitting on parts of the monument not intended for human contact.  I was trying my best to let the full meaning of his existence sink in.  As I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for God sharing him with us, I thought of the disrespect that is given to our God.  When you disrespect others.  When you call names.  When you degrade someone, you are really disrespecting their maker.  You are disrespecting the image of God that is in them.  Every human deserves ultimate respect and kindness.  You may not agree with their lifestyle.  You may not agree with their actions, but God lives in them, so things said in hatred reflect on the God that made us.  When you disrespect by talking when you should be silent.  Ignoring when you should be attentive.  All these things create a barrier to love for the children of God.  I will return to the Lincoln Memorial one day.  I pray others will come to the understanding of the importance of his presence. And thru God they will see the respect we all deserve.    Ephesians 5:21

I Love You!


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