Never Enough!

All the love in this world.  All the worship that can be done… will never be enough for me.  I speak with him nonstop on  those days.  I marvel at his love.  At his blessings.  At his never ending grace.  I worship his amazing creation.  I see… and smell… and feel… all the wonders of his love.  I want more of him with each passing moment.  I long for his look… for time in his presence.  I want nothing more from this life than to be his.  To be his hands… his feet… .  I want others to see him in me and to experience the amazing love and grace of our Savior.  I hold my breath…  I don’t want this moment to vanish.  In those times he sets off a dream in me of days when I can spread his word and demonstrate his love.  Moments that he will be able to use all of me, to his glory.  I want it to echo through the rest of my life until he calls me home.  There are times I stumble and fall, but his love is there to pick me up.  I then think of the day when he has used me fully.  We will walk hand in hand and I will hear those words I long for.  “Good job my faithful servant”.

Luke 4:8

I Love You!


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