It’s What You See!

As I ride thru the Pacific side of Mexico I am reminded of how truly blessed I am.  We had stopped at the oldest brick making operation in Mexico. As we entered I expected to see machinery.  I was amazed to see none of that. Instead I saw men, using mud, and manure to produce bricks.  No tools, no equipment, simply God’s gift of hands and feet.  As I watched him build the bricks. Mixing the mud and manure with his feet. I thought of how much God loves him. I saw a child of God who is always on his mind.  I saw a man who had no material riches.  Did not go to a fancy church with air conditioning and movie screens.  Did not have an air conditioned car to ride in.  Chances are he may not even know of Christ.  But God loves him just as much as he loves me… this man is on his mind every minute of everyday.  It’s not what you look at… it’s what you see!  As we live our lives we are so prone to judgement.  We look at others and we judge based on our life… our perception.  We claim salvation based on church participation and rule following.  We feel sorry for those who do not know Christ and we assume they are not saved.  Christ love says different.  Our Gods’ love breaks down barriers and looks with favor on his children. I plan on seeing this man in heaven.  Maybe he will teach me how to make bricks the old fashion way.

1 John 4:10 / Romans 9:25

I Love You! Perry

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