Following From Love!

For four thousand years the Jewish population and Israel have been persecuted.  God made his son Jewish. Why?  He could have chosen any race of people.  Any ethnicity or any group.  If you study the words of Paul you find a glimpse into why God chose the Jewish people, and that of Israel.  By doing so God was telling us.  It does not matter what race, religion, ethnicity or path you choose to follow.  The only thing that matters in trust and belief in my son… and his life. By choosing the Jewish race he proved that anyone, persecuted or not, could inherit his kingdom simply by following Jesus.  It is no surprise that conflicts and war continue to rest upon Israel.  It will continue until our Savior returns. NO ONE KNOWS BUT THE FATHER WHEN THAT WILL BE!  Do you honestly think God will give us warning? That he will show us signs?  Throughout history when events and tragedy happens, men of faith have preached the time is near.  From shortly after Jesus life to now, pastors use it as a scare tactic to bring people to repentance.  GOD DOES NOT WANT HIS CHILDREN COMING TO HIM OUT OF FEAR. HE WANTS US TO FOLLOW HIM FROM A PLACE OF LOVE! Love for him,  his Son, and for those around us.  I recently heard a pastor talk of this generation and the path they are choosing.  Every generation has new ideas.  New ways of learning and interpreting scripture. Because it is different, or brings new meaning, does not make it wrong.  More than anything we should encourage exploration and discussion.  Jesus certainly did. So should we. 

Matt 7:7-12

I Love You!


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