Pure Gospel!

The line from the movie was:

“Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.”  As that hit me, my heart pondered, and the movie fell away.  When your faith becomes strong, you began to see Jesus in everyplace and everyone. During Jesus last moments, the lessons he gave us were some of the most important.  That is when he explained he would be sending the spirit of God to live in each of us, and guide our lives. I think we bypass that.  We spend hours, days, weeks, searching the scripture but we don’t allow the spirit to move us.  We don’t listen and acknowledge the spirit of God that lives in everyone and everything.  Everything, every person, every blade of grass, every animal, everything has the spirit of God in it and was made by him. Until we understand that God and Christ are at the center of everything, we will continue down a path of destructive disconnection we see so clearly in the world today.  All my life I have seen and talked with those that spend countless hours learning scripture, down to the letter of the law.  Knowing it versus by versus, but ignoring the presence of the spirit.  The spirit of Christ that will place knowledge on your heart when you let go, and allow him to work.  From the inside out.  Mature Christianity is perhaps when the inside meets the outside and the bottom is allowed to teach the top. Sounds like pure gospel to me.  Psalm 139

I Love You!


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